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Features Of Skype Application:

The list of features that associated with the Skype application given below

Compatible With Multiple Platforms: The Skype application provides the users with an opportunity to use it on multiple OS and various devices, and it gives the same experience in all the platforms.

Provides Sync To Various Devices: The user can make use of the Skype application on multiple devices and all the devices can synchronize so that the data updated on all the synced devices

Chats Are End-To-End Encrypted: All the chats in the Skype application are end to end encrypted so that no other person can read the discussions between the sender and receiver and all the conversations in the server also get deleted within 48 hours.

Virtual Agent: The skype application consists of a virtual agent clears all the choirs of the user if any occurs.

Hidden Features Of Skype Application:

The unknown list of features that associated with the Skype application given below

Forward Skype Call: The calls in the skype application can also forward if the user wanted. The task can perform efficiently by enabling some of the icons in settings

Backup All the Chats: If you are a person who loves to go through the past conversations that here is a trick that helps you in backing up the chats on Skype application. Make use of the command [Win]+[R]“%appdta%\skype” in any console. Then it asks for the Skype Id then enter the login details so that the Skype chats can copy or saved as per your requirement.

Can Enable Skype wi-fi Hotspots: There are more than 2 million skype wi-fi available so that the user can connect to one of them to have access to the Skype application.

Available To Remove Skype Ads: The user can get rid of those boring ads by using a command in the Skype application that is [win]+[r]” “%appdta%\skype” in the console and then look for a config.xml file. On opening it, the user finds”<AdvertPlaceholder>1</Advert-Placeholder>” then replace it with”<AdvertPlaceholder>0</Advert-Placeholder>.”

Record Calls On Skype: The Skype application allows the user to record the incoming calls. As it’s impossible to record the outgoing calls by using the Skype application