Skype App

Skype is a telecommunications application that allows the users to establish an audio call and video call with a network connection. The application also allows the users to share any files, and this application is platform compatible.

Technical Information Of Skype Application:

The list of additional information regarding the Skype application given below

Application Skype
Author Priit Kasesalu

Jaan Tallinn

Developer Skype technologies
Initially Released On 29 August 2003
Windows UWP stable version
Windows UWP stable version released on 2 November 2020
macOS stable version
macOS stable version released on 2 November 2020
Windows desktop stable version
macOS stable version released on 13 November 2020
Linux stable version
Linux stable version released on 2 November 2020
Android stable version
Android stable version released on 2 November 2020
iOS stable version
iOS stable version released on 2 November 2020
Compatible With Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Windows, Hololens, Xbox One
Available in 108 languages
Type of application Video conferencing, VoIP and instant messaging
Languages Used Delphi, Objective C, C++
License Freemium


Permissions Required For Skype Application:

The list of permissions that the user has to accept for the Skype application given below

In-app purchases:

The Skype application allows users to perform in-app purchases

Device and app history:

The user has to permit the Skype application to read device sensitive data and the internal system state. The application also requires access to the web bookmarks, history and the data regarding the list of running apps.

Cellular data settings:

The skype application can connect with the cellular data so that it requires to access the cellular data connections.


Details regarding the identity to find accounts on the device required for the Skype application, it also requires the authentication over to read contact card, modify contact card.


Access over contacts to read and modify required by the Skype application.


The Skype application requires rights to read calendar events and confidential data. Retrieves the calendar events and send emails to guests without owner involvement.


The Skype application consists of a feature of share live location and current location so that it requires the access of approximate location to share the current location. It also requires extra location provider commands.


For transmission and receiving the messages, the Skype application requires permission to send, receive, and edit text messages.


The features of audio calls and video calls require access over the call log to read and write. The user has to provide access to reroute outgoing calls and make calls without user involvement


The Skype application supports sharing the multimedia messages; to do this, it requires authentication to read the contents of USB, modify and delete USB contents.


Access over the camera to take the picture and to record videos


To attend the audio call and video call it requires access to the device microphone

Wi-fi connection information:

The Skype application can connect with the internet through cellular data or wi-fi connection. To connect with wi-fi, it wants to retrieve the data regarding wi-fi information.

Bluetooth connection information

To connect with the nearby Bluetooth devices an acess over Bluetooth required by the Skype application

Wearable Sensors:

While using the application, it requires retrieving the information regarding the wearable sensors

Device ID& call information:

The Skype application requires access over the device ID and call information.

Advantages Of Skype Application:

Mobility: The Skype application is one of the advanced tools that may help in the business as it allows the users to communicate and to collaborate with many people in the platform. It also platforms compatible with multiple devices.

Provides Online Web App For Bussiness Purposes: There is an online web app for skype available that allows performing the business communication between producer and consumer. There are some web browsers, devices that will enable users to join Skype for online business meetings.

Available With High-Quality Video: At the times of video call, the users can experience a high-quality image, and there are no disturbances at the time of video calling.

Provides Security: The Skype application offers the user with high security for all the users as it has an instant message filter that helps to manage the user network and Microsoft in a safe manner

Disadvantages Of Skype Application:

Emergency Services Are Unavailable: In case if the user wanted to contact any emergency number, there is no possibility to do it. The Skye application failed to provide an emergency number, which is a fundamental feature that every application do provide for user security.

Requires High Internet Access: To access the Skype application, the user needs to connect with a stable and high internet connection. With an unstable connection, the application provides choppy service. The Skype application offers assistance based on the internet bandwidth of the user.

Doesn’t Support Outgoing Recording Calls: The Skype application allows the users to record the incoming calls, but it’s not possible to record the outgoing calls.


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