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Latest Features Of Hike Application

The following are the list of features that associated with the Hike application

Customized News For User:

The hike application provides the user with the news that has all the information all over the world. This task can perform by enabling the news on hike option that available

Provides Coupons:

By using the hike application, all the users are available with coupons, and there are multiple coupon codes made available for the user to make use of them. By clicking on the rewards option, the user can have a look at the list of coupons available, and some of them can use by placing orders.

Multiple Filters:

The Hike application consists of multiple natural and unique filters available to enhance the appearance of the image. While sending pictures to others, this application provides an option to add filters

Share Files offline:

By making use of the hike direct option, all the users can send the messages from source to the destination without an internet connection, but they should lie within a distance of 100 meters.

Personal Assistance:

To answer all the choirs and to make use of the Hike application utmost make use of the personal assistance Natasha. All the questions get answers within seconds by Natasha in Hike

Free SMS:

The hike application allows the user to send 69 SMS for free in the mobile device, which doesn’t cost even a penny for the user. The more usage of the hike the more free messages the user rewarded

Secret Chats:

For the sake of user privacy, there is an option to hide some chats and secure it with a passcode.

Unique Sticker Collection:

The Hike application provides the user with lots of stickers packets that are unavailable in any other application. The sticker collection in the hike application created hipe all over the world.