FaceApp App

Faceapp is one of the AI(artificial intelligence) based photo editing application which made available with multiple filters of hairstyle and beard styles to the user.

Technical Information Of FaceApp Application:

The additional information regarding the Faceapp application given below

Application Faceapp
Developer Wireless lab
C.E.O Yaroslav Goncharov
Launched on January 2017
Category Photo and Video
Initial release December 31, 2016
Supported O.S. iOS, android
Type Image editing
License Freemium
Website Faceapp.com
Size for android 30M
Current android version 4.1.0
Required android 5.0 and above
Size for ios 117.9 MB
Compatible iOS iOS 12.0 and above, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Age rating 4+
In-app purchases Faceapp pro monthly

Faceapp pro yearly

Permissions For FaceApp Application:

Following are the list of permissions that the user has to accept for the Faceapp application

In-app purchases

The Faceapp application allows the users for the in-app purchase

Device and app history

Access to the history of the web bookmarks required. The information regarding the running apps on the mobile device. The application also retrieves the sensitive log data and system internal state.

Cellular data settings

The Faceapp application connects to the internet connection with the cellular data and the Wi-Fi connection. So, to connect with the cellular data, it requires the details regarding the cellular data


The information regarding the user profile used, the application can find accounts, read and modify contact card, add or remove accounts


The user has to allow the Faceapp application to access the contacts for reading and for modifying them


By permitting the calendar permissions, the application can read calendar events and also modify calendar events and emails


The user to permit the application to track the current location and also provide the G.P.S. access


The user has to allow the application to send text messages, multimedia messages including the text, picture and video messages.


By allowing the application to access the phone, it retrieves details of call history, read and call log, reroutes outgoing calls.


The application has to get a grant for accessing the photos media and storage. It also formats external storage and modifies USB storage.


By providing access to the camera, Faceapp can take picture and videos.


The permissions for microphone permits to record audio while using the application

Wi-Fi connection information

The application can connect through Wi-Fi connection also. So, to track whether the Wi-Fi turned on or off to display a message.

Bluetooth connection information

The Bluetooth connection information is required to access the information regarding the nearby Bluetooth devices

Wearable sensors

Requires access to retrieve data from the wearable sensors

Device ID& call information

The Faceapp application requires details of the phone status and identity


The Faceapp application can also read and write the social stream and needs access to the subscribed feeds.

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